Why choose STG Health and Wellness?

We believe you should choose us, but here are a few of the top reasons that clients keep coming back.

  • We are very ethical when it comes to benefits. We understand that sometimes things happen, and you miss an appointment. Most people have legitimate reasons for not showing. We don’t bill clients for missed appointments.
  • We want clients to feel like people, not dollar signs. We’re not here to run up your benefits and kick you out the door. We want you to get better because you’re worth your weight in gold in referrals if you get better.
  • We all share clients internally. If you want to see someone else in the clinic, you can see someone else. It’s a much friendlier experience for the client. You are your person and not owned by the therapist. Besides, each therapist has their technique that might help you feel even better, so why all work together for your best healing.
  • We’ve built the entire practice on referrals and long-term clientele. We have clients that come to see me from London, Guelph, Hamilton, and Toronto. We even have clients who come in regularly on their vacations home from B.C., Quebec, and New York City.


Let our clinicians help get you back to feeling your best self again.

Let our clinicians help get you back to feeling your best self again.

STG Health and Wellness Provides an Extensive Range of Services and Treatments.