OILS – Exclusive to the HOK


RMT /Personal Massage: A heavier blend of Virgin Grecian Olive Oil and Italian Grapeseed oil, which has no friction burn, and is longer spreading, fast absorbing non-greasy.
Fragrance  Body Oil: Is a lighter version of the above oils with Paraben Free Fragrance, Food Grade Fragrance and Special combination fragrances exclusive to the HOK.
Aromatherapy Body Oil: Is a lighter version of the above oils with Essential Oils by themselves or in our specialty blends.
Adult Edible Oils: A blend of the above oils with food grade edible flavors sure to create a lot of personal fun.
Diffuser Oils: A diffuser blend of light oils with heavy concentration of fragrance or aromatherapy or a mix.  Specialty formulations are our Anxiety blend and Just Breathe are exclusive to the HOK lines.
Bath Fizz: This is a fine blend of 2 kinds of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Reg Sea Salt, Baking Soda and Two Oil Blend.  This will give the fizz of a bath bomb without the dye.  It draws toxins while putting magnesium back into  your system.
Shave Soap: Our shave soap is a blend of Essential oils, Olive, Grapeseed,Argan Oil in a Goats Milk Non SLS base and whipped/non-whipped to perfection.
Bio Thyme Sport Spray: This sensational multi-purpose cleaner is one of the best enzyme disinfecting cleaners on the market even killing strep.  It has the ability to kill the smell of:  Sports Equipment and Bags, Yoga Mats, Stinky Footwear,  Car Interiors, Marijuana and Cigarette Smoke, and Bathroom odors.
Lip balm: Our Lip Balm comes in a variety of flavors, and has the same olive oil blend that promotes healing for dry chapped lips.
Crack Balm:  Made from essential oils and plant based hardeners, shea butter, calendula, Olive an Grapeseed Oil. It creates a rich barrier for even the most dry hands, feet and body parts.
Soap: Our regular body soap comes in Goats Milk and Glycerin with or without Ethical Honey.  It is colored with vegetable coloring or color free. It is made in several paraben free scents.