Ankle/Foot Pain

What is Ankle/Foot Pain and how can we help you?

Pain in the ankle or foot is most commonly short-term and is caused by strains or sprains. These soft tissue injuries gradually heal on self-care measures, but some foot or ankle injuries or pain need treatment outside of medications. We can help you at STG Health and Wellness through some of the services we offer including compression socks and bracing.

Causes and Risk Factors

Long-term pain in the ankles and feet is caused by bursitis, changes in the arch of the foot, sprains and strains of the ankle. Risk factors that can lead to pain in the foot or ankle include badly fitting footwear, inflammatory arthritis, poor blood circulation, nerve damage, and connective tissue diseases.

Treating Ankle/Foot Pain

Pain in the ankle and foot can be treated at STG Health and Wellness through services such as osteopathy, massage therapy, athletic therapy, physiotherapy, bracing, and compression socks.

To begin your treatment regimen today, book an appointment with a specialist at STG Health and Wellness. We will help start or continue your road to recovery and relieve your foot and ankle pain. Call us today.

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