Athletes/Sports Pain

What is Athletes/Sports Pain and how can we help you?

While playing sports, athletes put their bodies on the line every time they play. They go through injuries and pain that may not require surgery, but need treatment in ways outside of medication. Athletes may have pain in their muscles, tendons, and ligaments that can be treated with therapy.

Causes and Risk Factors

Athletes can feel pain in their muscles if they use them after not exercising them for long periods of time. Similarly, tendons can become irritated and painful if they are stressed too rapidly, possibly resulting in tendinitis.

Treating Athletes/Sports Pain

Sports injuries occur at many different parts of the body, but can still be treated at STG Health and Wellness through the services we offer. We can treat sports injuries with athletic therapy, bracing, compression socks and sleeves, chiropractic therapy, Physiotherapy Services – STG Health and Wellness, osteopathy, and massage therapy.

If you are dealing with a sports injury, you can start your treatment with one of our specialists today. Call STG Health and Wellness to book an appointment.

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