Chronic Back Pain

What is Chronic Back Pain and how can we help you?

Chronic Back Pain is pain that increases over time and gradually gets worse. It is pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks and is still present after acute back pain or underlying injury has been treated. There are services at STG Health and Wellness that can treat and help your pain subside.

Causes and Risk Factors

This is commonly an age-related pain, but it can also be caused by injuries or other diseases. Arthritis in the spine, spinal stenosis, and disc problems can also cause back pain. Age, as stated, is an obvious risk factor along with smoking, excess weight, and psychological conditions.

Treating Chronic Back Pain

Back pain can be treated with several services at STG Health and Wellness including massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, physiotherapy, yoga and bracing. Each of these services can ease your back pain in a program specifically catered to you and your pain levels. The length of the program is based on your pain level and number of appointments needed throughout the week.

Back pain can affect your everyday life, you can get treatment at STG Health and Wellness to help you get back to as close as possible to how you felt before the pain started. To start your treatment program, call us today to begin working with one of our specialists.

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Our goal at STG is to help serve you better, and our professional service providers will help you throughout your entire process. Whether that is a massage or physiotherapy, we will be there to help.