Cosmetic Surgery After Care

What is Cosmetic Surgery After-Care and how can we help you?

After having cosmetic surgery, there are things we can do to help speed up the healing process. We can also ease swelling and help relieve pain.

Regardless of what cosmetic surgery you get, you will have anywhere between two and four weeks of recovery time before you can get back to your normal routine.

Causes and Risk Factors of Cosmetic Surgery

Just like any surgery, cosmetic surgery has risks. The after care can lead to risk of lymphedema, scarring and increased swelling.

Treating Cosmetic Surgery

We offer many services at STG Health and Wellness and our Vodder Therapy will help treat your cosmetic surgery symptoms. Compression and athletic therapy will also help those who are in need of care after cosmetic surgery. Most programs for vodder therapy last two to four weeks.

If you have had cosmetic surgery and would like after care, STG Health and Wellness has the services to help you. Book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

Our specialists are here to help you!

Our goal at STG is to help serve you better, and our professional service providers will help you throughout your entire process. Whether that is a massage or physiotherapy, we will be there to help.