Dercum’s Disease

What is Dercum’s Disease and how can we help you?

Dercum’s Disease is a rare disorder that causes painful, fatty growths under the skin. The true cause is still unknown, but there are treatments that can ease the symptoms. Some of these treatments are offered at STG Health and Wellness.

Causes and Risk Factors of Dercum’s Disease

The cause of this rare disease is unclear. It could’ve a mutated fat gene passed down genetically, or an autoimmune disorder. There are some experts who say it could also be the result of a nervous system or hormonal change. While men can get this disease, women who are middle-aged, obese, or have gone through menopause are 20 times more likely to be diagnosed. Symptoms begin to show between ages 45 and 60.


We offer many services at STG Health and Wellness and our Vodder Therapy will help treat your Dercum’s Disease symptoms. Deep tissue massage will also help those who are in need of care of their symptoms. Most programs for vodder therapy last two to four weeks.

If you notice these fatty, painful lumps under your skin and would like treatment, STG Health and Wellness has the services to help you. Book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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