Herniated Disk

What is a Herniated Disk and how can we help you?

Herniated disk is an injury to the connective tissue between vertebrae in the spine. This may result in back pain, pain in different parts of the body and physical disability. Other names for it are slipped disk, bulging disk, and ruptured disk. At STG Health and Wellness, we can treat your pain that results from a herniated disk.

Causes and Risk Factors

Causes of a herniated disk include aging, degenerative disk disease, lifting heavy loads repetitively, general wear and tear, sudden blunt impacts and abrupt bending of the lower back. Connective tissue disease is one of the main risk factors of this, as well as being a professional in contact sports.

Treating a Herniated Disk

Pain resulting from a this can be treated by the trained specialists at STG Health and Wellness through chiropractic therapy, bracing, athletic therapy, massage therapy, and physiotherapy.

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