Motor Vehicle Accident Pain

What is Motor Vehicle Accident Pain and how can we help you?

After getting into a car accident, you may have pain that lingers long after the initial incident. It can be pain anywhere on your body, most commonly in the neck, back and legs. The lingering pain can affect your everyday life. We can help you manage your pain and get you on your way to living a normal life once again.

Causes and Risk Factors

Pain following an MVA is due to a car accident and the risk factors that stem from it include permanent disability. Whiplash from an MVA can lead to neurological issues if not treated. The discs and nerves in your neck can become permanently damaged if treatment is not given for whiplash or neck strain.

Treating Motor Vehicle Accident Pain

If you were involved in an MVA and feel lingering pain, we can set you up with a rehabilitation program that can get your pain significantly reduced, if not gone completely. The program consists of massage and physiotherapy.

STG Health and Wellness has a rehab program to help you following a motor vehicle accident.. Book an appointment today with one of our specialists.

Our specialists are here to help you!

Our goal at STG is to help serve you better, and our professional service providers will help you throughout your entire process. Whether that is a massage or physiotherapy, we will be there to help.