What is Numbness and how can we help you?

Numbness is a loss of sensation in a part of the body. It can be described as burning or pins-and-needles. It can occur along a nerve on one side of your body or on both sides of the body symmetrically.

Causes and Risk Factors

This is caused by compression, irritation, or damage to nerves in the body. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are one of the major causes that can make you numb throughout the body. Prolonged pressure on the nerves such as sitting cross-legged or going on a long bike ride can be a cause for the legs. Risk factors throughout the body include diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, peripheral artery disease, and hypothyroidism.

Treating Numbness

Numbness can be treated at STG Health and Wellness through athletic therapy, chiropractic therapy, osteopathy, and massage therapy given by our trained specialists. To book your first appointment, call STG Health and Wellness today to begin your treatment regimen.

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