Pelvic Pain

What is Pelvic Pain and How Can We Help?

Pelvic pain is a general term that refers to any pain in the pelvic area. Pain may come and go or be continuous. It can have a huge impact on the quality of life of someone who suffers with it. It can prevent them from being active in their daily lives and get in the way of their work.

Causes and Symptoms

The causes and symptoms of pelvic pain can vary from person to person. It can be caused by a wide variety of issues including but not limited to menstrual cramps, back pain, urinary tract infections, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis. The main symptom is usually discomfort in the lower abdomen or pelvis area.

Treating Pelvic Pain

Pain in the pelvic area is a very familiar problem to many people. It can range from mild discomfort to agonizing, debilitating pain. Our specialists are here to help you find the right treatment. Call our clinic today and book an appointment with one of our specialists at STG Health and Wellness.

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