What is Pre/Post-Surgery and how can we help you?

Before surgery, you may need help to get your body in a certain shape before you go into the operation room. After surgery, you may need help with getting around and how you move the body parts that you had surgery on. STG Health and Wellness can help you compress your foot, leg, arm, or wrist before surgery, as well as helping you with therapy after surgery.

Causes and Risk Factors of

Pre-surgery pain is usually caused by the body part you are about to get operated on. Post-surgery pain is normal and takes time to subside. Complications can cause post-surgery pain that lasts longer than scheduled. Risk factors include obesity and age.

Treating Pre/Post-Surgery

Before surgery, STG Health and Wellness can use compression therapy through compression socks or sleeves. Post-surgery, our specialists can help the pain subside with osteopathy, bracing, massage therapy, athletic therapy and physiotherapy.

To begin your treatment regimen, call STG Health and Wellness to book your first appointment.

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Our goal at STG is to help serve you better, and our professional service providers will help you throughout your entire process. Whether that is a massage or physiotherapy, we will be there to help.