Pregnancy Pain

What is Pregnancy Pain and how can we help you?

Pregnancy can bring on pain throughout your whole body. You may feel cramps in your stomach, your ankles may get swollen and start to hurt and your back may become very painful. Each trimester may bring a different set of pains and we can help with nearly all of them to allow you to be as comfortable as possible throughout your pregnancy.

Causes and Risk Factors

Pregnancy Pain, mainly the cramps felt during the early months of pregnancy is caused by the expansion of the womb to allow the baby to grow. The cramps can be sharp, but usually only last a few seconds. There are many risk factors that can make pregnancy harder than it should be. These include lifestyle choices or smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, or having high blood pressure, obesity, epilepsy, and diabetes.

Treating Pregnancy Pain

At STG Health and Wellness, we offer several services that can help treat and reduce your pain including athletic training, massage, osteopathy, yoga, and chiropractic therapy. We also offer compression socks and bracing to help your pain subside while you’re on the road to welcoming new life into the world.

STG Health and Wellness has the services to help you if you are pregnant and experiencing pain.. Call today to book an appointment with one of your specialists.

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