Rib Pain

What is Rib Pain and how can we help you?

Rib pain can be dull, achy, or sharp and felt anywhere between the space below the chest and above the navel on either side. The pain level ranges due to severity, and the duration of the pain is based on the cause.

Causes and Risk Factors

A pulled muscle or bruised ribs are the most common causes of rib pain. Other causes include injuries to the chest, broken ribs, osteoporosis, rib fractures, inflammation to the lining of the lungs, swollen rib cartilage, and muscle spasms. Risk factors include participating in sports where you can be hit in the chest or stomach, and a viral illness where severe coughing is a symptom.

Treating Rib Pain

The trained specialists at STG Health and Wellness can treat your pain through athletic therapy, massage therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic therapy, and physiotherapy. To begin your treatment regimen, book your first appointment by calling us today.

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