Secondary Lymphedema

What is Secondary Lymphedema and how can we help you?

Secondary Lymphedema is swelling in the extremities, range of motion in joints due to changes in tissues and swelling, and limb heaviness. It can begin after injury, insult or obstruction of the lymphatic systems in the body.

At STG Health and Wellness, we have therapy programs that help your symptoms.

Causes and Risk Factors of Lymphedema

It is most often caused in developed countries by medical therapy, radiation treatment and surgical excision of lymph nodes. Breast Cancer is the most common cancer that leads to secondary Lymphedema. Infection is another main cause of Lymphedema.

Risk factors of Lymphedema are blood clots as lymphatic fluid gets trapped and needs to be drained through vodder therapy.

Treating Secondary Lymphedema

STG Health and Wellness offers Vodder and Compression Therapy to help treat your Secondary Lymphedema symptoms. Most programs for patients last between four and six weeks, if the Lymphedema is severe, the program may last longer.

If you have swelling in your extremities and reduced range of motion in your joints and would like relief, STG Health and Wellness has the services to help you. Book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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