What is Sprain/Strain and how can we help you?

A sprain injures the bands of tissue that connect two bones and strain injures the muscle or the band that connects the muscle to the bone. The injuries come in three different grades based on the severity of tear to the ligament. At STG Health and Wellness, we can help ease your pain through our services.

Causes and Risk Factors

Physical stress is the main cause of sprain and strains. It can happen after one incident or the injury can occur after gradually increasing the repetitive motions. Risk factors that can contribute to sprains and strains include poor physical conditioning, smoking, obesity, medical/physical deficiencies, and poor posture.

Treating Sprain/Strain

Sprains and strains can be treated through a treatment regimen led by our trained specialists at STG Health and Wellness. The services involved in your treatment regimen include compression socks and sleeves, athletic therapy, osteopathy, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and bracing.

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